Black bird nest exposed - Help!

Would anyone be able to give me some advice please?

We have a Black bird nest in a Wisteria tree which is only about head height. We noticed it being built so haven’t touched the tree to allow some privacy to the birds. However we did think the nest was a little bit low.

This morning the front of the tree and the branches are literally wide open with the branches broken and now we have a fully exposed nest with a Black bird staring at us from the nest. 

Should we try and tie up the branches to cover the nest or is it too late do you think?

There had been a cat lurking around yesterday so we figure this is the likely culprit.

  • Personally, in this situation, I would have a quick go at repairing the damage as best I could. Nothing to lose really. Presumably, the bird is incubating? It may well be a doomed nest anyway as something knows it exists and will probably have another go.
  • If you can view the nest at a disstance then be ready with some string I would have a light colour so the bird can see it, keep looking and see if the bird leaves the nest that the time to tie the branch up or pull the top one dow so you don't see the nest, wish you all the best its always hard when you lose a nest in your garden.


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