Hello all. Can someone help

Hello. First post, 

I've had a look around and need an answer if you can help. 

I've male and female ducks appeared in my garden. That's fine no issues, love ducks! 

I've read that they could be looking for a nest? I'm hoping they are just visiting and will go soon as there are cats in the area and I'm a little concerned. I'm at work and my other half is keeping an eye on them but if they're still there at dusk tonight I'm not sure what to do?? I live approx 1 mile from water. 

  • Hi Ree welcome to the community.
    If one of them isn't injured and they can both fly they should be ok.
    Have a read here on their nesting habits www.rspb.org.uk/.../
    Do you have a garden pond that may encourage them to stay?

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  • Hi. Thank you.
    They're not injured, they seem to be having a nice time having a wander and a look around. My partner says they keep sitting in the bushes. There are no ponds around. Just a lot of cats. Hopefully worrying about nothing. Just worried in case they stay.
  • Hello Ree, We currently have a pair of Mallard ducks that fly in during the day or early morning; we do have a pond they can use but a lot of the time they lay down on the rockery or grassed area and I put a bit of mixed seed out for them which they tuck into now and again. I think they tend to come in for the peace and quiet away from large flocks and each evening, even when its gone dark, they fly off to roost somewhere safe; I wouldn't worry about them as they are very alert and can spook into flight quickly should a cat, fox or human scare them ! Just sit back and enjoy their presence, as long as they are fit and can fly they will be able to look after themselves as they are always on alert to any threat or danger.


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • Thank you. Very grateful. They can come visit anytime. The cats are a bit of a pain, don't want them visiting. Thanks again