Rookie questions about feeding and vegetable suet

Hi, I've a pack and a half of leftover vegetarian suet - is it okay to use to make fat cake for birds? Can I also add some dried fruit, sesame seeds and hemp seeds (clearing out the pantry cupboard)

Old advice on the forums seems to be that veg suet is ok, but the website suggests vegetable fat should be avoided - so is it best to just bin It?

also Is it ok to leave suet cakes and logs out for a couple of weeks if they show no signs of mould and the ground s clean underneath - I've a shop bought log which, now it s out of reach of the squirrels (so far) is only slowly being eaten, and bought balls are currently being ignored completely.

  • Hi Liz

    I think if in doubt I bin anything, I would use lard and not the veg suet.

    I always found the shop bought fatballs only got used if I crushed them up and put in a ground feeder that's why I started making the homemade pastry which you can add the fruit and seeds to.

    I wouldn't have thought the suet would last a couple of weeks to be honest but mine doesn't last more than a day so I don't really know how long you could leave it out.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Thanks, I get some. I also think I might have made a mistake pruning back a large rose near the new feeder pole as so far it mainly robins that have visited, and one very nervous looking great tit

  • They certainly like some cover nearby to dive into at the first sign of trouble.

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