It is time to say goodbye

Having seen this new  format I find it hard to get my head around it . So I wish you the best of luck.

It is time to say goodbye to all

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  • No, you mustn't go Limpy, we all feel like that, but we must stick together for now & try to get something done. The old bulldog spirit!

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

  • That’s what I feared, members leaving this forum, as happened with the last upgrade. The RSPB don’t seem to care about this forum and not replying to members views.





  • I can well understand how dispirited you feel Limpy given that you have to contend with more than most of us, please don't leave us, we will help all we can to explain what we've collectively managed to find out so far ... just posted my first pic which I resized in photo editing software & it was successful at medium!


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  • I know how you feel Limpy,  the joy has completely gone out of this site since the user unfriendly upgrade;  it is such a mess and it's taking too much time to try understand how to work things and catch up with hidden posts.     I have patience enough but this new platform is testing it to the maximum.      Please hang on a bit longer in the vague hope we find an IT expert who will take these issues seriously.    I feel so disillusioned right now.


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • NO Limpy, like has been said, this has been an awful few days, We have all been struggling, but have been managing to help each other out. Only a short while ago I have learned something new (if you like see my post re ipad users), I was seriously getting hacked off, but now feel less hacked off! Still wish they had left things alone, as has been said, if it is not broke, no need to fix it. After all we only need a simple set up for the community that we can all navigate easily. Stick in there Limpy.

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  • Please give it another chance Limpy,I have the strange belief that things can only get better from now on, and you will feel amazingly good if you beat the system:-)   I am useless using any of it so far but hey if I can manage to type even this then it can't be that bad!!!  

    Lot to learn

  • Oh dear Limpy, please do not leave. Perhaps give it a couple of weeks and hope that things will be sorted, or improved anyway!. At least it is a long time till the ospreys are back. Though I know you and Clare post on other forums also. 

  • Totally understand your point of view but I think you should just take a week off and check in again next weekend. Hopefully by then we will have had some indication of what they plan to do, if anything. If they haven't communicated anything bu then, maybe we can all have a grand leaving do 




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  • No, Limpy, you really mustn't throw in the towel just yet.  You would be sorely missed for all your updates, particularly on the Dyfi thread.  Please stick with it.
    Continue to fume, but also ask questions.  I am sure one of us would be able to suggest a solution, and certainly together we would be able to.  The Powers That Be must be taking heed, even if they are not saying so.

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  • Don't give up on it yet, Limpy. New systems always take some getting used to and if an old codger like me can cope with it I'm sure you can.



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