Sunflower Heart Quality! Is there a difference?

Hello all,

Long time nature lover, first time community forum poster!

I just wanted to know what people’s opinions were on the quality of sunflower hearts out there in relation to quality and price. Forgive me if this is something that has already been answered, I looked but couldn’t find much of an answer.

I was in Home Bargains the other day and noticed that 13kg of Sunflower hearts were only £13.00! They looked fine to me but I couldn’t help but think about much the difference in price compared to others brands and stockists. I was planning to start buying the my sunflower hearts in bulk from The Really Wild bird food company which states that their sunflower hearts are bakery grade and therefore better quality. Has anyone else bought these?

I guess what I’m asking is have you noticed a difference in quality and intern bird numbers by buying from more ‘quality’ suppliers such as RSPB, The Really Wild Bird food company or Vine House farm? I wouldn’t mind paying more if there was a worthwhile difference in quality and would therefore help the wildlife. 

Thank you for your responses, I look forward to hearing from you.