Hi all!

Hi there,


I'm a newbie and have been reading the forums recently and have really enjoyed the posts. So thought i'd write my own little ditty for you all to enjoy. Hope you do! 

I've been feeding the local birds for 3 months now and only had Starlings and Pigeons in my garden despite there being  a large House Sparrow roost nearby at least 5 or 6 Blue Tits locally, Robins, Crows and Magpies in the area. We thought we'd tried everything to encourage them down but they wouldn't budge! 

So I bought a better ground feeder and put a Sanctuary round it to protect them. I was very excited by it and so were the birds who all came checking it out immediately, though none actually ventured in to it to start with. Two Starlings to our surprise landed on a old bird bath that we hadn't realised had collected rainwater in, and started splashing around. To our horror, almost immediately a cat jumped out and took one before we could even move. We were devastated! 

At that point we weren't sure whether to carry on. But we decided on a complete revamp of the garden to protect the birds further and have put several harmless cat deterrent measures in aswell. This has reaped amazing rewards! We've had the local Sparrows all visit the garden although they haven't fed yet. Our local Robin has been spotted much more frequently even though he hasn't yet visited the feeders. But today we've just had our first Blue Tit on our main feeder! Brilliant! To top it off, an hour later I visited my local park and have identified my first ever pied wagtail too!  After a horrific start it's been such a thrilling end to the week! 

Since we first started, I've also been absolutely thrilled to see my first Kestrel locally and also a pair of Skylarks on a green outside my house too. Never thought this would be so much fun when I first started and so now am completely hooked!

Now I'm happy identifying the birds I'll start taking pictures which I hope to share with you all to bring the story to life a bit more. But just to say i big thanks to all the contributors on the forum. I've learnt so much in a very short space of time because of them so big thanks for that.

Happy Birding all!


I won't be happy until I've got a penguin down :)