Jay in London

I have just returned from a weekend in London, where I was totally amazed not just to spot, but come face to face with a Jay whilst wandering down Hammersmith Road. Im not so much of a twitcher now, but much of my knowledge has stayed with me. I can say without doubt given the bird was a Jay as it perched, with a peanut in mouth, only a couple off metres away. As I remember, and have just confirmed on this site, Jays are shy woodland birds. Is this something usual for a wild bird (even bizzare), or simply a captive bird that has got/allowed out? Unfortunately my camera/phone wasn't at hand to provide a picture.
  • Hi Dave

    Jays are particularly active at the moment because the are caching food like acorns and other nuts for the lean winter months. Although they are shy birds, in urban situations they can get quite used to people so are far less shy than in open countryside.

    One of our members, Hazy, has them practically eating out of her hand. Of course, a bribe of peanuts works wonders. Here's one that visits me.



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    my ears are burning TJ   lol !!         great pic of the Jay,  

    Hi Dave,  so glad you got a close up view of the Jay in London,  their numbers seem to be on the increase and although they are considered generally a shy woodland type bird they do get used to certain areas, especially if peanuts and other food is on offer   !     We had three Jays arrive in the garden together this morning and although I didn't get a photo of them together, I did take one of the Jays on his own  ...........

    and with peanut as you saw  !!    I counted 19 being scoffed in one  dining session today before flying off to his/her storeroom, probably caching them in some tree hollow for winter. 


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

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    Thanks for your replies and great photographs. Sorry I wasn't able to share my experience in pictures. As I said I'm not much of a twitcher, but I haven't lost the thrill of it - especially remembering as much as I do - though I'm sure relatively small compared to you chaps I must add.

    Not wanting to go off topic, I recently moved into the country (on an old farm), so rather than expecting to see a Jay in the middle of London than in my garden, has made this experience much more endearing.

  • I live in London and there are 2 jays who visit me daily. They started off being shy but are now bold as brass and fly inside to take the monkey nuts I put on the floor for them. It's a constant competition between them and the 2 albino squirrels! (The squirrels eat from my hand, still working on the jays!)