Blackbird nesting

Have blackbird nesting in my clematis. Not sure if male has been killed (by sparrow hawk) as just feathers and bit of beak left on lawn. Female on nest. Flies out if we get too near. Will she be able to rear them on her own. Should I put food near nest so she doesn’t have to go and look for it

  • Sounds very much like the job of a sprawk....Its not impossible for the female to raise a brood alone...however you are doing her no favours by getting too close and causing her to flee...on another day she may flee for good and abandon the nest so I would keep well clear. You could put out live mealworms or rehydrate some dried ones but don't place them anywhere near the nest as that will draw attention to other birds and predators...just somewhere away from the nest under some trees or shrubs if you have any...good luck and hopefully it will be a good outcome and you get some baby BBs hopping about the garden soon ;-)

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • Thank you. We don’t go too close but unfortunately the clematis is near my hose pipe and I’ve no other way of watering my hanging baskets. I only go near once a day and I try not to get close enough to scare her. Hopefully the babies will be here soon. She’s been on the next about 10 days now
  • Re hanging baskets, you can save water and avoid disturbing blackbird by using old milk bottles for watering plants.