Help, yesterday I found a baby sparrow? In my bathroom

Help, yesterday I found a baby sparrow? In my bathroom, I followed guidance online and released it into a sheltered space immediate to my property. 

Today I have came in and I could hear more above my boiler cupboard (in the loft) what do I do next? I don't want more falling through somehow and separating from parents.

Come to think of it I found a bigger one dead under my bed last year and I assumed it came through the window.

  • Sparrows nest in loft spaces and under the eaves. This is completely normal. Any questions just ask
  • As James Digby says, it is perfectly normal, we have two house sparrow nests (and very likely yours will be house sparrows also) in our eaves and they're getting on famously.

    As for what to do, absolutely nothing.

    They will sort themselves out, it is sad that some will inevitably die, it is nature, and more importantly, it is illegal to disturb any nests during the nesting season.


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