What has supplanted DVD-ROM guides?

Years (OK, maybe ten) ago, I bought version 8 of the Birdguides DVD-ROM guide to British Birds, and it's been an invaluable aid. Given changes in bird distribution, I thought I'd get a more recent version, but it seems to me that technology has moved on so much that the kind of product I'm looking for just isn't available any more. What has supplanted it? The DVD-ROM platform, combining videos, stills and text was ideal. I can't find, for example, an app for my Android phone that comes anywhere close. I'd appreciate any advice.

  • Hi Gareth,

    You can get Collins Birdguide as an app for an Android phone. It's pretty much the same as the book but in digital form with a few extra features such as bird calls. You can get it HERE. It's not free though and you have to pay extra for videos.

    Another one worth a look at is Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab. Although developed originally for the American market you can separately download databases for the UK and Europe. It's mainly intended as an aid to identification but does contain plenty of photos and info about bird species. You can get it HERE and it is free.



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    Hi Tony - that's invaluable advice, and I look forward enthusiastically to giving those apps a go. Many thanks! Gareth