blackbirds nesting and babies hatched

Hi all,

I am new to the forum and just recently (last thursday) the blackbird nestlings that have been in their nest in my garden for the last two weeks have hatched.

i am getting ready for the process of them leaving the nest and am getting a bit anxious as there are often cats from neighbouring gardens prowling around and climbing over walls (terraced housing)

What can I do to help them during this time? I have ordered some live mealworms to feed to them.

is it a bad idea to sit in the garden at the other end to keep an eye on them while they learn to fly, or better to leave well alone?

looking for a few tips from others who have been through it before!

thanks in advance

  • Good to hear you have a successful nest Robert & that you have bought mealworms to help their diet, have you also considered soaked currants & raisins! No reason why you shouldn't sit in your garden to observe them & deter cats, my Blackbirds here are very sociable & often pester for food, they quickly adapt to the comings & goings of their humans!  It is lovely to watch the fledglings being fed by parents, often Dad!  I can see mine through kitchen window, also marauding cats which I squirt with water!


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