Eggs that have not hatched

I have a nest box with 8 blue tit eggs in, mum has been sitting on the eggs since the last one was laid on the 21st April.  Obviously now they won’t hatch but I hate to see her sitting there day after day, should I remove the eggs next time she leaves to feed or would that be even more distressing for her ? This is the first year I have had a camera box and am so disappointed that this has happened. 

  • Hi, I am not an expert but what I can say is , although we all get excited at this time of year with breeding season , there are laws in place to protect wildlife.

    Under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981, it is considered breaking the law if a person…

    Intentionally kills, injures or takes wild birds
    Intentionally takes, damages or destroy a wild bird’s nest while it’s being used or built
    Intentionally takes or destroys a wild bird’s egg
    Possesses, controls or transports live or dead wild birds, or parts of them, or their eggs
    Sells wild birds or puts them on display for sale
    Uses prohibited methods to kill or take wild birds
    Intentionally or recklessly disturbs any wild bird listed on Schedule 1 while it is nest building, or at a nest containing eggs or young, or disturbs the dependent young of such a bird

    So the advice is leave well alone until the end of the season (end of August) before you clear out the nest box.

    Kind regards

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)