Chris Packham's Birdwatching Guide - From Beginner To Birder

"SOMETIMES it is just a glimpse that makes the heart flutter - that flash of blue, flick of wings, twist of tail or diamond twinkle of light that sparks from a hidden eye."

So writes TV presenter and RSPB vice-president Chris Packham in a lively, informative and richly-illustrated book which will be published by DK at £12.99 in hardback on March 7.

Chris Packham's Birdwatching Guide- From Beginner To Birder covers all the angles in what is an absorbing hobby - not just the birds but also the equipment for watching them and the best habitats to watch (and hear) them.

In fairness, much the material has been covered in earlier times by other authors.

But happily there are new bird enthusiasts coming down the track all the time, and they will relish having all the tips and techniques packaged in a way which is so fresh and exuberant.

Says Chris in his introduction: "For me the best things in life are birds, and the mission of this book is to offer you the chance to feel the same way.

"Wherever we live, we can encounter birds every day - but while we see them, many of us don't take to look and, and while we hear them, we might not listen.

"What a wasted opportunity to experience all that wonderful life. All we have to do is stop and engage."

Hear, hear! Well said that man!