A very funny book about bird feeding

Hi all, I have just finished a comedy novel that was recommended to me by a fellow bird feeding friend. It is called ‘Peckersley’s Bird Cafe’ and is by very funny author, Michael A Duffy.

it follows the exploits of main character Norman Peckersley who is an avid bird feeder. But his bird feeding joy is in jeopardy when a new gang of red squirrels turn up in the area. It turns out his squirrel proof bird feeders are not as squirrel proof as advertised. Much to his long suffering wife’s dismay, he then goes to ever extreme lengths to save his bird cafe, and a series of crazy, comic scenes ensue.

i enjoyed the book so much I thought I should spread the word among fellow bird feeding fanatics. I’ve never read a novel before that has one of my fave hobbies as it’s subject, and my own wife - who has also read the book - says I am a bit like Norman in the story, Alas!

anyway, there is a Kindle and paperback version on Amazon. Let me know on here if you ever read it. Grin