Flight by Mya-Rose Craig (illustrated by Lynn Scurfield)

ALTHOUGH she is still in her early 20s, Mya-Rose Craig already enjoys a high profile in the birding world.

Her hinterland to date includes university qualifications, numerous magazine articles and media interviews, plus at least three books - the latest of which is the recently-published Flight, an enchantingly-written exploration of the wonders of the migration .

Published in hardback at £14.99 by Puffin, it is primarily aimed at the pre-teenage children's market, but such is its cheerful and exuberant tone that it would surely give delight to many much older readers.

Mya-Rose's special focus falls on the Arctic tern - a remarkable bird that can live to the age of 30 and, during its lifetime, fly around 1.5-million miles - "enough to fly to the moon and back three times"!

However, chapters are also given over to six other stars of the flyway - white stork, swallow, black-and-white warbler, rufous hummingbird (one of the author's favourites), bar-headed goose and spoon-billed sandpiper.

Between them, they are not just of global reader appeal but, at various times of year, they can been seen in a range of habitats - urban (including New York's Central Park) as well as rural or coastal.

Mya-Rose's accomplice in this thoroughly engaging project has been illustrator Lynn Scurfield whose beautiful, swirling artwork brings movement, power (and often humour) to her colleague's pacey, no-nonsense text.

A word, too, for the imaginative lay-out and production team at Puffin for their part in such a vibrant, entertaining and refreshing publication.