RSPB Magazines!

I don’t know if I’m imagining this. But has anyone else noticed the quarterly RSPB magazine getting smaller. I don’t know if I’m imagining this. Many decades ago the old glossy RSPB magazine Birds was published 6 times a year. Then later on the RSPB considered reducing the number of the 6 Birds magazines to quarterly. There where quite a lot of members at that time didn’t want that to happen. But the.RSPB kept the same number of pages in total as the 6 magazines but put more pages  in the 4 quarterly magazines but saved on the postage.But over the last 2-3 years the 4 RSPB magazines feel as if they have less pages when I first pick up to read the magazines 4 times a year. Maybe I’m wrong,, maybe I’m right. Also I personally feel that the RSPB magazine has deteriorated in interesting article. It all now seems to be campaigning most of the time. Less printing of interesting articles than there once was. There seems to be more photographers, along with pictures and less printing of words than there once was. It’s alright campaigning of which I agree with some, some I don’t,But on top of the.magazine feeling smaller. I feel the inside seems of less interest to me myself. Maybe there are those that feel the magazine at present is ok. That’s fair enough. But I’m just posting my opinions and thoughts. Maybe most RSPB members like the the present quarterly RSPB magazine as it is. I would like to hear other RSPB members views.

  • Considering a few years ago it had 98 pages. Even if it is the same size as the previous edition, that is not good, as the number of pages has a lot less number of pages per magazine as it was from 2-3 years ago. Also looking through very quickly in the latest magazine delivered to my home address earlier today. It is mostly short snippets of a few lines with pictures. Of course there’s the letters page. Plus adverts as well. And one or two articles and maybe more. Compare to what it was. When the old birds magazine in the early 1970’s they, were all very interesting articles. When the change happened to 4 magazines a year but with increased number of pages per quarter and the 4 quarterly magazines had increased in size and had in total the same number of pages in total for every year, as the 6 magazines published every 2 months had.. But slowly over the years, the RSPB’s quarterly magazine has got less interesting. And nothing mentioned publicly tp RSPB members thar this change with less pages was going to happen with far fewer pages per magazine every 3 months.