Free wildlife photography magazine

With the stay-at-home strictures caused by Coronavirus, I decided to start a new free magazine:

A Sharp Eye on wildlife photography

The magazine covers mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. The focus of this first issue is how to make best use of time in your garden, with photos of a juvenile long-tailed tit and a juvenile robin. From overseas, there are pictures of the Cuban black hawk, Indian scops owl, pearl-spotted owlet, rosy-faced lovebird, red-billed oxpecker, Asian pied starling and vervain hummingbird.

Each issue has twenty tips on how to take more interesting and better quality pictures of animals.

There are also humorous topical captions for animal photos and a few puzzles to be answered.

The magazine is available to be read online on my website and on Wikipedia where it is available in different levels of quality to suit whatever device you use. In the 'Maximum quality' version the size of aa full page image is 2500 pixels wide, a much higher quality than most web-optimised images, so you will be able to zoom in and see lots of detail.

Stay safe, Charles