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I currently subscribe to the BirdWatching and Birdwatch magazines although at the end of the current 12 month subscription period I will be cancelling the BirdWatch magazine although I am going to continue subscribing to the BirdWatching magazine as tonight I’ve ordered a 12 month subscription of the British Birds magazine with special offer of just £45.00 for the first 12 months instead of well over £60.00 and the offer also includes a £25.00 gift voucher. What do other members on this forum of who receive the British Birds magazine think of the articles in that magazine, as i’ve heard it’s quite a serious magazine with some very scientific high brow articles?



  • Hi-

    BB isn't as highbrow as IBIS-  that would be  happy to publish a 20 page article on  'Phenological effects on egg shell thickness variation of Adelie Penguins' ...........

    BB covers a broad spectrum of articles and builds into a library of information on Identification, Population , Equipment etc.  Articles and reviews are written by acknowledged experts,  well edited and peer reviewed ;It's aimed at serious birders and bird watchers. But it's not stuffy :)

    Birdwatching is written by keen birding journalists with expert guest writers: It's aimed at a mass market of bird watchers with a wide range of abilities.

    Basically they aim at different levels


    For advice about Birding, Identification,field guides,  binoculars, scopes, tripods,  etc - put 'Birding Tips'   into the search box

  • Hey Ian,

    I'm in a similar boat; I've bought both Birdwatch and Bird Watching magazines for a few months, together, and decided that I prefer the format and columns in the Bird Watching magazine.

    I've not yet ventured in to British Birds for a similar reason; I thought it would be a little more 'high brow' and 'academic'. I presumed it would be for seriously clued-up ornithologists, and that casual birders like me might have persevere with it.

    Thanks to for clarifying that it's not as 'stuffy' as people might assume. I'm more convinced at giving it a go, now :)

    Can't seem to find British Birds any good newsagent, though! Is it only available to buy or subscribe to through their site? No trouble finding Birdwatch or Bird Watching in any WHSmith or similar shops.
  • I ordered British Birds online through there website, but I got a greatly reduced first year subscription through a special offer at the time and now I’m paying the normal 12 month subscription. You should be able to find the website by googling British Birds.



  • Hi Jack,
    It works out far less in cost when ordering the Bird Watching magazine online and getting a 12 month subscription delivered to your home address with free postage included with delivery to your home address. You pay 12 months in full in advance for the whole year and the monthly savings from buying the bird watching magazine for 12 months online is substancial as it works out far cheaper per month paying 12 months in advance than buying the magazine from a newsagent. There are different company that you can order Bird Watching 12 months in advance at a substancial savings. Just Google and you should find different company’s that you can order a 12 month subscription for delivery of the Bird Watching magazine.



  • Cheers, Ian. I'll look at subscriptions for the mags we've been chatting about - found all their online sites