Housing Projects - Daventry, Micklewell park

I live in Daventry, having moved there a year ago. My house overlooks beautiful farmland which is underlined by the grand union canal. I now find that a planning application has been put forward for over 450 new houses to be built on this stunning and precious landscape. There seems to be no forethought as to the environmental of ecological impact that it will have. 450 houses destroying the land, each house has at least one car and 3 to four peopl per house. You can see how it goes. How can we get the planners to see beyond the housing quota and commercial value of this project?
  • Hi Kevin C, our regional office’s deal with planning applications, so you’ll need to contact our Midlands Regional Office (MRO) to talk to a conservation officer, who should be able to advise you. The MRO number is 01295 253330. We also have local planning packs on our web site, which provide practical information to help protect the wildlife site near you (see link below).