Doves & Dovecotes

whilst I welcome the recent arrivals of large numbers of doves who now visit our garden I am rather disturbed by the recent turn of events and wonder if anyone could advise or comment we live within a 100yds (metres if you like) of a local public part within the grounds of Garth House, a house & grounds donated to the people of Bicester a half century or so ago at which time it contained a Dovecote for some reason the Dovecote is now closed to the doves, sad it was yesterday eve to seem them during the rain all huddled together on top of a roof in the park without any protection naturally one has a concern for the welfare of these birds so is just closing the Dovecote fair and reasonable? could someone perhaps advise if anything can be done or is it just a matter of saying forget it and let them sort themselves out - any helpful suggestions appreciated