• HI Graham, we live in a town house with no garden and no birds but we are fortunate enough to have a static caravan in the country surrounded by woods, we have a family of Sparrows in the hedge beside our van which we feed, we also feed wood pigeons which walk across the parking area a good 50 yards straight to the feeder, why they don't fly in amuses us to see  a waddling pigeon  coming straight to our van,

    I was born in the country and now in my sixties and there are definitely not as many sparrows around perhaps all the pesticides we use nowadays have not helped by killing of they food they need.

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    wonderful pictures - I never tire of watching their bathing antics. I've caught them on video but never been there at the right time to take a proper photo!

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    wow I never noticed the rose petal before, it wasn't me, makes you think! They wouldn't would they?

    Mine all mine!

    Thats it! Get me the manager!  

    For viewing or photography right place right time is everything. I'd rather be in the right place with poor kit than have the best kit and be in the wrong place.

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    quality pics well caught.

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    HM - gorgeous, just gorgeous. I'll bet if you provided some fancy, ornate and highly expensive bird bath those sparrows wouldn't go near it but a large plant pot saucer is just ideal for them. As I have mentioned, I don't see any house sparrows here, although I have a few dunnocks, but my regulars never use the birdbath as a bath - athough they do drink from it.


    The necessity of bird-watching is a really good reason for avoiding all forms of housework.

    The dust will still be there tomorrow - the birds may not be!

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    After a wait of almost years I've finally managed  to get some birds in our front garden on the feeders. They won't do the back yard as it's cat city around here. At first we had a couple of blue tits, now we have a regular blackbird, robin and many starlings. Haven't seen a sparrow on our street for ages. Until today, a pair are nesting close by I think. The cats seem to stay indoors around here(Fylde coast) at this time of year as they're mobbed by seagulls so hopefully they sparrows will succeed.

    I walked down a street not far from where I live and I noticed nearly every house had a sparrow nest in its eaves. Those house sparrows like a certain style of house it seems.