I put these out for the birds but up to yet they dont eat them, I put them on the bird table and in a feeder but they are still there days later. any ideas please.

thanks Roger


  • Wow, I've found them really popular. What kind of birds are visiting your garden normally?

    I got this great hanging mealworm feeder for less the £5 a few weeks ago from Poundstretcher:

    It's popular with bluetits, starlings (they hang upsidedown to get their beaks in), and a wren which gets right inside. If they're on a bird table even more species take them especially blackbirds which are pretty numerous.

  • Give them time, Roger.  If you have only just started putting  them out let the birds get used to them being there and then.....whoooosh it will start costing you an arm and leg in mealwarms ;-)

    I put a handfull or so out a day and within 10 mins they have gone.

    Feed The Birds....not the cats!!!!

    I spelling's crap !!

  • In reply to Big Robbo 27:

    I put dried mealworms in an ordinary tubular mesh feeder. Blue tits and house sparrows have been seen sitting on the perches noshing them. When they pull one or two out, another one drops on the lawn, but a blackbird has been seen clearing those up.

    Like they say, persevere!



    Seriously thinking about trying harder!

  • In reply to Jackdaw:

    Hi everybody! Long time passed since Roger posted this question and I wonder if he solved the problem. I have the same one myself now. This is the situation: balcony, with several hanging feeders, a feeding table and dozens greenfinches and sparrows visiting them regularly. I put the dried mealworms on the table, among the seed mixture into the feeders (whole and slightly chopped) and randomly on the balcony floor. My aim is attracting other species like goldfinches, starlings, blackbirds, tits and black redstarts and since last week martins, all numerous around my house. None of these appeared yet, and the other two species literally avoid them. They stare at them, watch closely, sniff... and simply avoid them. :-(

    I soaked them in worm water for half an hour and displayed. No way. Then I soaked them overnight. No way (I even wondered if it makes any difference in taste, because the appearance did not change at all). I am curious but not enough to be tempted to taste them. :-)

    Anyway, it has been a week now. How long am I supposed to wait? Roger, did you succeed at last? Thanks