Bird song ID

On the edge of the wood near open fields I keep hearing a bird and have checked through the RSPB identification site but cannot hear anything exactly like it. In english it sounds like "tickety boo tickety boo" but chirpy of course.

The nearest song I can find it the song thrush, but it isn't quite right. It sings very loudly, but I cannot see it.

Can you help?

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  • Could it have been a blackcap? click play top left to listen to song.

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  • In reply to Rockwolf:

    Close but not the same. It is unmistakeably  a tickety boo x 2 song, with a variety of other sounds too, but especially TB.

    I have a suspicion it might be a song thrush, but still haven'seen it. It seems to like to stay hidden in the woods.

    Thanks all the same.

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  • Hi Flowerpot

    Could it possibly be a chaffinch?

    Best wishes Chris

    Best wishes Chris

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  • I know this is an old thread but I have a bird that Iives in our garden and surrounding woodland that is constantly chirping tickety bo tickety boo tickety boo.

    The description of the song thrushes melodic repetitive chorus in that it likes to repeat his phrase then move onto something new is a match but yet to find any exact recordings of one singing tickety boo which is by far his favourite chant.

    The closest I have found is the sound of the nightingale in other verses but as I am in Perth & Kinross Scotland its very unlikely.

    I do have a recording of it. He sings at night, early morning, evening but can be heard tbroughout the day.

    I have seen him perched on the very top of a 25ft pine tree singing its heart out The woodland area comprises of pine shrub beech and deciduous. It started earky April and is so so vocal.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
  • A Dunnock maybe BIRDIE68?

    All the best -
  • No, not this guy but we do have quite a few.

    Its much louder, carries from quite a distance.

    We are very lucky as our cottage is set in a conservation area that has established woodland, shrub and open space tok all around us, so we have an amazing collection, the Dunnock was a new one for me as could see he wasnt a sparrow and the blue grey hues caught my attention so looked it up.

    We have wren, tree creeper, owl not sure which one yet though, but this one has us baffled as its here akm tge time rarely seen and have yet to see any signs of a spotted thrush either
  • Hmmm... OK. Well, I think you'll need help from someone smarter than me (not too difficult to find, that).

    Good luck with the ID, and in the meantime enjoy the song.
  • Almost certainly a song thrush I suspect.
  • A very tuneful one...

  • Hi Birdie, you say you've got a recording. I think if you post the audio clip that's the best chance of someone being able to identify it.

    To do that, click on the "Use rich formatting" below in this thread or start a new thread and use the insert tab and "insert image/video". In the dialog box that opens, change Web URL to File Upload and navigate to the file on your computer. If you get stuck give a shout.



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