Photo story

Photo story. Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Marcus Harvey, I am a photographer working in London and I am looking for candidates to take part in a photographic essay I wish to undertake. I have contacted the RSPB about this and they have advised me that the best way to contact people is on this forum. The project ties in with the current campaign the RSPB are running encouraging people to give over a portion of their garden to help our native wildlife. It is a campaign close to my heart as my parents have given most of their garden to achieve a sanctuary for our forna here in the UK. The essay production will basically involve me paying you a visit and photographing your effort to help our wildlife, and hopefully creating some fantastic images of your endeavours. Please be aware, no money will be expected and I will provide you with a digital copy of my shot for you to keep. So if you, or someone else you know, has made the effort, however small, please do get in contact as I'd love to hear from you. My website is I look forward to hearing from you. Marcus. P.s I have posted this in the 'hello' section of this site, apologies for the double post but I'm looking to increase my response ratio.