One in a while, I step back from all the words and just let my garden do the talking, for the beauty of nature never ceases to amaze me, right there under our noses.

A freshly emerged pristine Peacock takes in the sun on the log-pile.

Field Poppy and Borage in the cornfield annual bed

A Sparrowhawk comes for her daily bathe

Bumblebees circle over the heads of the Globe-thistles, while orb webs are beginning to appear.

Leafcutter bee modern art on the Field Maple.

The latest broods continue to emerge - here, one of my very young Blackbirds does its best to look like a thrush.

Elephant Hawkmoth matching the colours of its caterpillar foodplant, Great Hairy Willowherb.

The Bee & Butterfly Borders, now in their third year and beginning to fill out nicely.