Egyptian Geese

Our resident Egyptian geese turned up today with 5 goslings, isn't that a bit early in the year. Surrey/East Hants GU10 area.

  • They are early breeders, David. I think I've seen them with goslings in late January. Because they originate from Africa their instincts don't seem to have evolved to adapt to our climate. As a consequence the survival rate of their goslings can be poor. If the first brood fails they may have another go. Let's hope the youngsters survive.



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  • Hi David,   I think Egyptian geese usually breed very early in the season so wouldn't say it is outside of their normal "parameters"     The young goslings are rather cute looking,  I remember seeing several of their chicks in Regents Park, London a few years ago although this was a late brood in October 2019

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