I found these feathers together in a rural setting, would like to know what they are please?

  • Hi Perchard, I'm very far from being an expert on feather ID so take my guess with extreme caution.

    The large ones look like they are primary feathers from the wing of a fairly large bird. I think a Common Buzzard is a possibility. Take a look at this link on Featherbase which shows many feathers of the Common Buzzard. Large birds of prey will moult their wing feathers in pairs (one from each wing) so that they can keep flying.

    Wait for others to give opinions as I may be quite wrong.



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  • In reply to TeeJay:

    Also not an expert but id agree with TeeJay that a Common Buzzard is a possibility. Also maybe a Honey Buzzard depending on where you are?
  • Thanks so much, we have buzzards here (Aberdeenshire) Appreciate both replies, Jill