Cornish Barn Owls 2019 (C) Barn Owl Trust & Wildlife TV ... all pics/vids posted with their kind permission!

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    11.15 in the box having a good scrape all round, then back out on to tray

    13.05, in the box, motionless. Ian

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    CHOL:):) Ian


    Someone preening on Tray

    FLOWN 14.35

    sorry for the big arrow  doh! trying to manage new system 


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    if you want anything clarified/whatever, do tell me

    It would be great if you see both in the barn/box overnight, it appears only a lone BO has been on view during the day recently, thanks Scylla

    Many thanks for the day's updates Kate and Ian 

    16:00 EN/EB

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    18:04 One had been on the back beam from 17:35. Flew to the exit @ 18:04

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    20:08 A very brief visit (30 seconds or so) before leaving

    23:00 No other activity this evening. Goodnight

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    Morning Sandra and all.


    I wonder of this is a different Bird, with the change of activity?


    Flew In to front beam Turned and flew out(ignore heading on Vid...amateur CHOL:):)