Cornish Barn Owls 2019 (C) Barn Owl Trust & Wildlife TV ... all pics/vids posted with their kind permission!

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    7:15 EN/EB

    Morning all, nothing else to add, still empty. Ian

  • Am sure was behind box again about 16.45, but is now on back beam far right.

    17.11 flew straight out to front.


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    Thanks Kate

    17:27 One back in, onto the tray and then into the box. Had a look around, moving pellets, before going out and finally flying to the exit @17:31

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    21:55 No activity to report since the BO left the barn

    22:04 One in, onto the front beam, looked towards the back of the barn and then left almost immediately. It flew quite close to the camera on exit 

    23:10 EN/EB Goodnight

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    Good morning all

    7:10 EN/EB

    7:13 One in, onto the tray and then gone. Loud screech

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    Well spotted Sandra

    They are so quick when they pop in and pop out. Interesting behaviour, wonder if it has something to do with Weather patterns?

    Fascinating being able to observe.

    Have a good Day I will(also) CHOL:):) pop in an out ,and post if seen.


  • 07.45, box and barn still empty. Ian

  • I had 24 hours continuous (that's nothing!  I had 42 the other day :o ) up to 03:00hr with hardly any activity - it covered a brief stay in the box and a front beam on/off and 1h08m on the back beam in the early hours.

    I am downloading all the time but never get around to checking thru it, but if you want anything clarified/whatever, do tell me.

    If there are signs of breeding, I'll try to be more conscientious.

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    I'll try to be more conscientious.

    Scylla, I don't think anyone can fault you on that front. 09.40, one on the tray. Ian.

  • Thanks Scylla and Ian.

    I saw it arrive and thought yay!! switch over to potplayer may get a vid and Nope as you say scylla, 'Statue pose' Doh!! still lovely to know they are around.

    11.15 in the box having a good scrape all round, then back out on to tray