Daniels Brook. Gloucestershire May 2024

The reason I'm doing these trips this month is cause I dont know weather I will have enough time to do much trips the rest of the year starting from when I go on holiday to Spain on the 9th or 10th of June which is in 2 or 3 weeks cause  Iv got a holiday for almost every single month after that but also cause my posts are getting pushed down so quickly too being pushed down to page 2 in less than a day and having to keep  bumping  it up for people to see  and being and being more busy I won't have the  time to have to keep bumping them back up for people.  so any have done this month people can either check out while I'm doing them or look at them while im away.

as for the trip I went to Daniels Brook today. unfortunately I left my battery at home at the weekend so I only have one battery to go by which is very low.  I would be surprised if it lasts the week but hopefully it will. I will be getting my spare battery when I go to Hucclecote this weekend. so I had to keep it off and only switch it on when I see something then switch it off as soon as iv taken a picture to make sure it lasts cause it kept flashing red. 

I took lots of photos at the stream and I had to keep changing between my short and long lens. usually I only use my long lens for the birds but I used it for the other wildlife too so that I didn't have to go near them and the shorter one for the ones that allow me to approach. I hope you enjoy the photos