Slimbridge Wetland Centre

cause I'm having problems with sending photos on this box when I add photos to this box specifically on all devices Im only going to send photos (in the thread itself of my day at slimbridge. and cause I'm (now) unable to use dimensions on my I pad and have always used the dimensions on my I pad when doing dimensions that I usually use for transfer and sending photos  rather than phone (until) both issues are fixed I'm going to have to use my other device that enables it as difficult as it is using the dimensions on my phone and re sizing photos (only for now).

I used my long lens the majority of the trip so the pictures are massive of them and there all not cropped or edited in any way which is how I prefer it which is why I went and got a long lens and crop factor camera and   cause I haven't needed to use it the edit function anyway for the photos on my trip.

with that aside the length of the trip was down to luck so part of the reason I had the opportunity to fully show my skills and true potential in wildlife photography with. my camera and my long lens. I went to Slimbridge in the morning after 10 o'clock and came back at 4:30 pm so literally the whole day. 

the circumstances would have been different and not nesacerily of been so lucky The manager of the Residential care  home forgot that the recent care worker that went with me wasn't trained in medication and would therefore of had to leave Slimbridge at 1 or 2 to have my meds and was told that's what should of happened when I came back from the trip so its only cause of luck I spent as long as I did there and got all the encounters and photos I taken and saw as many wildlife as I saw so I thought it was only right  to share my lucky journey or adventure with you. I hope you enjoy the photos