My Wildlife projects

I like researching and studying Wildlife not just drawing and taking pictures

my prefered method of research and studying is mainly to get out there with the Wildlife and study them myself rather than studying mainly from internet or books.

if I become curious  about Bees wings and how they work for example il observe them and then  write it down in a project book. if i become curious about spider behavior I will watch and observe them so anything I would like to study I will go out and observe for myself and write it down 

Wildlife can teach you alot just by being themselfs and while there is alot we know about Wildlife in this day and age there are still things that we dont know.

some things that I may discover about Wildlife people may already  know but there will also be things that people may not know or dont know.

and its this curiosity that makes me like to study Wildlife in person and not just take pictures.

I used to write things down im studying like behaviours down in Wildlife journals but  I like starting projects on the things I study so I have come up with the idea of shareing my projects with everyone that I write down in my project books and add any photos if I have any to acompany the projects. 

my studys arnt only limited to Wildlife behaviors but a variety of things about Wildlife any species and topics related to Wildlife I go out and study and write about in my project books il write and send here