Wildlife through a microscope. starting with fungi on my trip to Hucclecote 19th November

Dad was uprooting fungi in the lawn. heres the specimen. 

the top of a mushroom is called a cap. 

some fungi have gills. gills sometimes have spores on them. spores  like gills can also help with ifentification. depending on the species the color of the spores may not necacerily be orange but a different color. they help fungi reproduce.  like when seeds spread spores get taken and land so that it can miake mire of each other 

not all fungi have this but Parosols commonly have whats called a fairy ring 

now iv gone through different parts of the fungi here they are through a microscope 


orangy spore like part on the gills

if itake anymore photos of Wildlife through a microscope weather its imsects or beetles or fungi etc il semd them here