The Wild Cemetery this November

The Wild Cemetery 

  • I didn’t see any butterflys on this trip that day this month. but I saw lots of fungi and and some birds. but I know that they can be found at cemeterys. I didn’t used to know they could also be found at graveyards and cemeterys until A funeral one day. I saw alot of butterflys fluttering through the graves. I mainly stayed outside cause it was too noisy for me in the church. after they had finished they met up to talk to each other before the burial. Luckily there wasn’t too much people at the funeral outside but I still stayed in the less crowded part.  I saw a Red admiral perched where  my great grandmother were to  be lowered into the ground. When I told the vicor a butterfly landed there. I asked if he wanted to see my picture he said yes.  When I showed the vicor he said he liked butterflys and he saw it as a sign of new beginnings. After that they did the burial. But they also did some chanting aswell so I watched from a distance 

    Cause movies usually portray graveyards as sad or haunted places iv never thought to look for wildlife there before and in spite of how they are usually portrayed there is a lot of exiteing things  to be found there like wildlife so there not all doom and gloom.

    The cemetery looks a lot like the one where my funeral took place but it isn’t  its just similar. Last month before I stopped seeing anymore butterflys I saw one fluttering around on a warm Autumn sunny day perching on flowers and other things at the cemetery

    As for the squirrel drawing me and my family saw one sitting on a grave recently on one of my trips with my family when I did some wildlife watching there

  • the gray squirrel was quiet funny cause it was literally sitting ontop of a grave.  it wasnt bothered by us when we walked past and it was in the same place after we wemt round the last parts  of the cemetery. when we  walked back past it again it was still sitting on the grave and it eventually ran off with its nut