Holiday to Wales part 3

pheasents outside a quiet cafe 

a Rainbow on the way to the pet cemetery  and then A nature reserve 

Pond Nature reserve 

The Beach 

after this we went back to the cottage. in the evening  I saw 2 Barn owls fly around the gardem and over the house. 

the next day we left. stopped off at the service station where i saw loose mushrooms

then we went back to Gloucestershire and i stayed for the night at home before going back to Kingsway on Saturday evening 

  • i drew a picture of the Barn owl the first one i drew didnt come out the way I wanted it to at all. iv had to use a rubber to try and make it white 

    cause it was an owl it was preisely  the size of an owl not a pigeon, passerine, goose or anything else and  since the barn owls were completely white for this reason i havnt added much detail. I tryed to add some details to show feathers  to make it more realistic on the tummy but it just made it look like streaks and there we,re not streaks on the tummy 

    so decided not to have the feather effect in my owl drawing this time. I was lucky enough to be standing outside when they came 

    over. although one of them looked down at me as it came over to fly over the roof it wasnt bothered by my presence at all 

    neither was the other barn owl. it actually made me wonder weather it could see me or not but when i atempted to put my 

    camara up to take a picture it just got startled and flew back in the oposite directiom so it could see my movememt at least. i didmt put my 

    camara up for the other barn owl cause i didnt want to startle that one too. it was very exiteing amd i hope you enjoy my drawing