Barn owls

Hi I seen a barn owl hunting  3 nights ago around 20.10 still light .I have been back two nights on the run same time and then later and not seen anything 

Do barn owls hunt in the same area .Do barn owls  always hunt at the same time every night 

  • I don't know specifics, David, but they can cover a large area, and are also sometimes daytime hunters, depending on things like wet weather (they can't fly well in the rain), amount of food needed (babies to feed) so I would think it unlikely they have a set routine. But, this is just my speculation.
  • Here is a reliable site with loads of information (I believe ,the site maybe undergoing maintenance)

    "Do Barn owls hunt in the same place?
    The area in which a Barn Owl lives is called its 'home range'. We don't use the word 'territory' because, unlike some other bird species, such as Tawny Owls, Barn Owls don't try to defend the area from others of their own species. A home range is very simply the area that they use for hunting, roosting and breeding.
    Barn Owl home › barn-owl-facts › barn-"

    So pleased you were able to see one, and you maybe lucky again,


  • Barn Owls will often hunt in daylight if the overnight weather has prevented them from turning out,rain or very strong winds are usually the reason for this. Also if they are still feeding young and prey is scarce they are forced to hunt in daylight then. If you keep returning to the same area and wait patiently as the light fades you have a good chance of seeing the Owls again.


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