Wildlife at the Orchard this afternoon


                                         Wildlife at the Orchard


Ox eye Daisy 

Mistletoe is still out 

Red Clover

Light brown Apple Moth 

Cocks foot Moth 

Scorpion Fly 

Common Vetch 

Red tailed Bumblebee


  • I managed to get some good photos of The Buttercups with the bright blue sky in the background. The buttercups actualy go very well against the Blue sky and it’s probably one of the best ones I took that day. I been trying to get a photo of a red tailed Bumblebee but those Red tailed Bumblebees were too busy and werent keen on haveimg there photo taken. But this one didn’t mind so I managed to get my first photo of the year of one of the Red tailed Bumblebees