Birds in our Garden

My first post in the forum.  Just moved to a place near Whaplode, Lincolnshire.  I am now in the process of trying to photo catalogue all the birds that arrive. :-)

I am not the best photographer.

  • Welcome to the Community, Ed. That’s a beautiful Goldfinch photo.

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    Thank you Paul. I am hoping to get some more images up onto the forum at a later date. As we have open fields around us I am hoping that we can attract more birds into the garden than we could when we lived in Northampton. All the best and stay safe. :-)
  • Final Approach to a bumpy landing in the garden.

  • Ah, Columba palumbus ryanairii. LOL



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  • Hello Ed, welcome to thde community from up in Caithness, at the very top of Scotland. Hope you enjoy here, we are a friendly lot, many are busy with the Osprey web cams at the moment, so not a lot of folks posting regularly. A cracking phot fr someon who says they are not a good photographer, any photos are appreciated as many don't or can't take photos, so it is alway nice to see others. Look forward to seeing what you get in you new garden.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    Hi, Thanks for the comments. Caithness is a lovely part of the country. I am originally from a town called Macduff on the North east coast so hopefully know the area a little bit. My latest photo taken was of the Wren. Hopefully will post tomorrow. Something I have always wanted to see and photo is an Osprey. One day. :-)
  • A bit of rain and this little lady (I think)  turns up in the garden.  I will get there eventually with my naming of the birds.  As you can tell I am really all new to this. :-)

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    Well it is a duck of some sort Ed, that much I do know, the experts will confirm which.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    TeeJay said:
    Columba palumbus ryanairii.

    Can't be Ryanair; the toilet visits are free...

  • Ed D said:
    My first post in the forum

    Welcome to the Community Ed.

    And thanks for the Goldfinch photo. Our bird of the moment here (never knew that their songs could be so long and intricate).

    All the best -