New (used) Glass

EF 200mm f/2 L IS USM

I’ve been keeping an eye out for one of these for a very long time now. I wasn’t prepared to fork out the cash to buy a brand new one, but this one came up (in excellent condition) and at a very good price. It virtually looks brand new, and operates perfectly.

As usual, I think it’ll take a bit of getting used to, but first impressions seem favourable.

It apparently takes well to the 1.4x converter which also gets me a 280mm f/2.8. This was one of the deciding factors for me not to go for a used 300mm f/2.8. I do like to show a bit of the surroundings in my shots, so the shorter focal length isn’t personally an issue for me, and also the thought of not carrying the big 400 around now and again was very appealing to me (although Mrs A seen to it today that I lugged a big log of driftwood back to the car …. You just can’t win). She did let me buy the lens though, so I’m not to complain about anything for a long time.!! :-)

Anyway, lots of shots taken … also lots of duff shots among them, a good lens doesn’t automatically mean every shot is a good one.

Some shots turned out fine though, so as I said, a bit of time to get used to it should help in upping the rate of keepers.

First shot was on a monopod and the rest of them handheld. A few basic tweaks in photoshop, but nothing drastic.

Male Yellowhammer.


Common Whitethroat

Meadow Pipit

Female Wheatear

Rock Pipit

Young House Sparrow


Herring Gull   (2CY)

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  • Who can resist a new lens? Although it sounds like you might be "paying for it" for some time by transporting Mrs A's gleanings :-)


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  • Many used lenses are well looked after, particularly the more expensive ones, plus good photographic shops should check all lenses taken in  so they can make a good sale and maintain their reputation.

    The end result looks good, and that's what counts, along with your satisfaction.

    Its nice to keep some background when photographing wildlife, and sometimes, its nice to zoom in, or crop, depending on what you want to depict, which the lens will give you the opportunity to do either.

    Keep snapping away with the new purchase. 


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