Getting off Auto - Index

Note - This is an index thread, it's probably re-appeared at the top of the thread listings as I've just updated the original post with some useful extra links

Jan-18 - eta DoF link

Dec-18 - eta LiveView Focusing link

Jan-20 - eta Macro Masterclass link

Oct-20 - eta Losing the Mirror Canon R5 review, Crop Factor & PSE Camera RAW plugin update

Aug-22 - eta Mike's thread on Moving to Mirrorless

May-23 - eta RF vs EF lens comparison

I've done a few of these threads now.  At various times when discussing photography stuff with people sat in hides, I refer them to the threads as handy information sources.  As the number of links is growing, I thought it might be handy to have an Index - and also add in other technical threads that talk about equipment, techniques and the like.  So here you go, if there are other threads you can think of that would be handy here, please add them :-)

Getting off Auto - the original thread that talks about camera modes & settings

Exposure - all about exposure, histograms, stops, focal lengths

Tweaks & Twiddles - post-production (Photoshop), why to use RAW

Choices - choosing a camera or lens

Extras - filters, flash & other accessories

Impossible Pictures - merging images with Photoshop

Ethical Photography - the rights & wrongs of photographing wildlife

Depth of Field - all about DoF

Macro Masterclass - all about macro photography

Losing the Mirror - Looking at the new Canon R5 mirrorless

Updating Photoshop Elements Camera RAW plugin - (should you buy a new camera with a file format your existing PSE won't open)

Crop Factor - explanations on the effects of crop factors

RF 100-500 vs EF100-400 Mk2 - comparing the two lenses on the R7

Other useful threads

Which Telephoto Lens Should I buy? - various options & their merits

600mm lens comparisons - trying various options to show differences

300mm f/2.8 test shots - Hazy showing the lens' capability

200mm f/2.8 and the 100-400 Mk2 - Hazy comparing the sort of results possible

400mm Prime or not? - more on lens choice

Photo Editing - Paul A's techniques for improving photos

3D from 2D - Paul A demonstrating techniques to make images come alive

Photo software tools - Photoshop and similar product suggestions

Where to go next? - Birdiebeginner asking for help on how to get better shots

DSLR choice - Shane asking for suggestions

Birds in Flight - Paul A's suggestions about in-flight photography

Live View Focusing - Paul A's explanations on the use of LiveView

Moving to Mirrorless - Mike's experiences with the Canon R5