Srange faeces in my garden

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    Dave - CH said:
    Would be good to have a photo that shows scale...

    I usually keep a six inch plastic ruler to hand for measurements, and being plastic, its good to clean if used against something like poo.


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  • Hi. Is it feasible to set up a trail camera to catch the culprit in the act? You can get a decent one for quite cheap these days.

    I never knew we had a hedgehog visiting the garden until set up a trail camera randomly (as it visits in the small hours). I have now set up a hedgehog home in time for this winter in case it (or a friend) wants to move in.

    I haven´t seen any of that kind of poo though.

  • The size makes me think it must be a very unhappy tummy in a hedgie, a fox who ate something bad, or a mustelid due to the stringiness. Big question would be how it smelled because if the stink wasn't overpowering then it is more likely to be hedgehog than the others, who are universally very powerful scents.
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    Oh and I was thinking maybe a pellet from a bird who ate something it shouldn't have but that is a whole new territory and one I'm not confident traversing.