Feeding Blackbirds

Hoping for some advice from those more knowledgable :)  I've had blackbirds nesting my garden for the last couple of years and I'd like to feed them through the winter.  I have been scattering food on the ground for them but the pidgeons get to it first!  Is there any kind of feeder big enough for blackbirds that would be diificult for pidgeons to use?


Thanks, all!

  • Hi,

    I have seen in my local garden centre an iron dome that looks like an upside-down hanging basket only a bit bigger. I would suggest blackbirds could fit in and not pigeons. I will see if i can find a link on the net and post it.



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  • Hi Alison

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    There are Guardians that you can put around ground feeders, that would stop pigeons getting in, but it's sometimes difficult to know the mesh size without seeing it first. The link shows one that is adjustable, but there is also a ground feeder Guardian

    I would ring and ask if it will allow a blackbird in before ordering one.

    The other thing is that a blackbird might be too frightened to go into a Guardian anyway.

    I scare off the pigeons when the numbers get up to 5 or more. I also find that blackbirds feed earlier than pigeons, so if you put out food just before it gets light the blackbirds should get a look in. They like fruit so I put out raisins and grapes when I have some.



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  • In reply to Woodpecker:

    Hi - the blackbirds in my garden are more than happy to go inside a mesh guardian which I put over a ground feeding table. A few raisins in there will soon tempt them! Starlings and small birds also use it.

  • In addition to the above excellent suggestions maybe you could try scattering appropriate food under hedges or shrubs if you have them. Blackbirds would probably forage under them but large pigeons may not be quite so keen.




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  • Hi AlisonG

      any fruit such as apples Pears Raisins etc will be eaten by blackbirds and thrushes and most seed eating birds wont touch them.

    This time of year most people have leftovers of fruit going off. Cut it up and throw it out.

         Hope thgis helps   Ray


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  • Hi AlisonG. I have a bird table with a low roof. This seems to allow the smaller birds to get to the food, including Blackbirds, but the larger birds can't seem to land on the table. Just a thought.

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