Missing Birds ?? Help !

Having lived in my new house for nearly three years my feeding station has been well used - I’m certainly no avid bird spotter, but plenty of interest from sparrows, robins, starlings, and the clean up exercise - blackbirds.

Until this year…. A good mix of the same foods, but in terms of interest - Only pigeons, Nothing else — absolutely no idea why — suggestions and recommendations very welcome….  Could be a cat problem, and I have only put my hanging baskets up this week (which should drive up the insect count)

  • Hi Rich, this is one of the most difficult questions to provide an answer for as there are so many potential factors involved.  

    First off are you urban or rural?  is your time frame this winter into spring or just the last month? 

    I can throw some thoughts as to why you are not getting as many birds at the moment :- someone else is feeding in the close local area, change of habitat, previously wildlife friendly gardens have had a make over, hedges,  shrubs and trees gone replaced with wooden fences, astro turf, hard landscaping.  Scrub land close by redeveloped.  Breeding season so birds have moved further afield for safe nesting area.  Sparrowhawk, cats, general disruption.  The 'common or garden' birds are usually quite tolerant of some disturbance i.e. children playing but habitat loss will force them to move away and the destruction of the urban mosaic makes it harder for birds and mammals to move safely through and around and environment and depletes natural resources for them to forage - 

    Cin J

  • Very useful - thanks - the cats hovering and wandering through the garden 4/5 times a day are a pain — introduced meal worms on Tuesday, and new arrivals Starlings are loving it ! I’m urban, but very quiet area - other gardens I can see have cats on shed rooves - plenty of bird small trees to dart in and out of - will keep trying though