Wet Bird Food

Does anyone have any ways of waterproofing their bird feeders? I have sunflower heart feeders, peanuts, seed, etc., and obviously when it rains, they all get soaked then the birds generally don't use them. Costs a small fortune just to throw it all away. Then, refill, it inevitably rains again, then same thing again.

Difficult I suppose because it rains a lot in the winter when birds need food the most!

What's people's experiences? Thoughts?


  • Birds eat food that is wet. Sounds like too much food is being put out, so food stays wet for days (or longer?) and goes mouldy etc. Best to let supplementary food run down each day.
  • Yes, I do! My main issue has always been with the sunflower heart chips in a plastic tube feeder. As we all know, it tends to get wet, clumpy and mouldy. I have found the best solution! Clean your feeders thoroughly and leave to dry overnight. In the morning, get a hot glue gun and seal around the ports with a nice thick squeeze of hot glue. This is where the rain gets in as it drips down. I did this a few weeks ago, and its working a treat!