Camera Nest Box

I have been designing and making wildlife products since 2007, mainly for the trade

In the last few years technology has been making its way into a lot of habitats and I find myself being asked more and more to design houses and nest boxes which can have a camera fitted

Most recently the market is going towards solar panels and cameras which require no trailing leads, these are good but also much more expensive to buy

So I have an interesting question to ask this forum

The background

Birds do tend to look around and pick nesting sites, be it a nest box or just a tree or bush, some more than others

Chances are you will site a nice new camera nest box and then the birds dont choose it but the old one near by which does not have a camera in it......

The idea

A nest box with 2 sections, one would be the next box as normal the other a closed panel where no birds can gain access, this second section is for the camera, it would not be just a front panel by the way, more likely a completely different part of the nest box

So the concept is you put up 3 or 4 of these nest boxes in your garden, wait until the nest box has been occupied and then add the camera to that nest box, meaning your chances of success are vastly increased


Even though I can make sure the camera section is not part of the main nest box, would there still be a risk of disturbing the mother and nesting site and also would this be classed as interfering with a nesting bird site which is breaking the law


My thoughts are the idea is a novel one but the concept is flawed by the risk of disturbing the nesting site, although I have sort of answered my own question I thought it worth asking the question and seeing what other people think?

Thanks for reading and please let me know your thoughts

  • Bumping this post up for you Richard, hoping someone will help answer your questions.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Thanks for your thoughts and I agree, its a good idea in principle but possible to risky, I also agree that camera nest boxes are good for info and awareness but do increase the chances people will interfere with nature, some people do tend to forget to leave nature to nature
    I have to be honest I thought this idea was a good one but would not really work
    My customers would prefer not to have this I feel as they can sell more camera nest boxes.......