Owl bird scarers

We have fed birds for years. When we moved to our current address a couple of years ago we set up our bird feeders and have a variety of birds visit including great tit, blue tit, chaffinch, starlings, black birds and last week were lucky enough to have a brief visit from a bull finch for the first time ever.

We also get wood pigeons which is to our neighbours dismay and since we moved in they have accumulated 4 life size owl deterrents as well as other scarers including reflecting tape and owls.

My question is, they have recently erected a new owl on the fence between ours and their property, however the owl faces directly into our garden, not theirs. My personal opinion is that this really unneighbourly, where do I stand with this please ?

  • I would buy a nice bottle of wine or some nice pastries, depending on their taste, and offer this to you neighbours to open up the conversation in a gentle and neighbourly fashion.

    Then, provide the birds a place to sit on your side of the fence near the feeders, and maybe actively prevent them from sitting on top of the fence. Maybe an artificial branch, slightly higher than the fence with your neighbours, as the pigeons sometimes prefer to sit on the highest spot near a feeder.

    Just try to think like a bird, with your and your neighbours' preferences in mind.
  • From what I have seen of these scarers they only seem to be affective for a short while. There are some on the allotments we often walk pass along with old cd discs and after a while the usual birds were back as usual. Try making your side of the fence more atractive to birds and they may ignore the Owl, food can be a great persuader


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • I think Bassi has a good idea, open the door for friendly conversation and as also said, birds often do become wise to ornate objects.

    A neighbour once bought a lieflike heron ornament and placed it at the side of his very nice garden pond. It stayed there for a couple of years, until he saw a heron dip its head in the pond and take a koi carp!

    So they might get wise to the fixture, but talking is often a good option, let them share their concerns, and hopefully between you, a satisfactory solution can be found.


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  • My neighbours did something similar some time ago.

    Talking to your neighbours and hear their concerns is always a good advice, although they could have talked to you before putting the owls up.

    Bassi's advice to provide perches for the birds is a good one. The birds will be more likely to stay in your garden instead of perching on the fence. I bought two wooden pergolas and grow several bushes (I don't have enough space for trees) around my feeding station. I have to say that my neighbours weren't happy anyway, but maybe yours would be more appreciative.