Fat ball feeder visitors

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    simonali said:
    Mike, I literally can't recall the last time I saw a starling. They seem to be very rare round these parts.

    Starlings are still quite scarce in many places.

    I wouldn't say we have that large number, but summertime, seeing close on 20 or so in our (very urban) garden isn't a rare thing the last three or four years.


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  • I have snapped an averagely good photo of the mystery visitor. I'm pretty sure it's a female blackcap?

  • Found this funny pic of a moulting blackbird on the camera. Beak is a bit yellow...

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    Yes I would agree, female Blackcap, a lovely visitor to get, have not had one of those in my garden. A lovely looking Blackbird in moult, looks like she has one of those frilly skirts on about to do a dance!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Mine was covered in Jackdaws the other day, Five fat balls were gone within two hours. I could see the sparrows and tits in the trees and hedges watching, waiting for the Jackdaws to go.

    I know... birds are birds... but is there a way to stop the Jackdaws and Magpies ravaging all the food I put out whilst the smaller one's look on?
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    Try using a guardian feeder, it has a cage around the outside with gaps too small for starling sized or larger. RsPB shop has them, as do various online retailers