Encouraging declining birds and getting rid of pigeons

I have for decades now been encoraging any smallish birds into my garden by planting trees and bushes and i seem to have just the right ones now.  I live in a town so don't expect to see some birds.  Anyway, sparrows, blue tits, great tits, blackbirds, starlings, an odd dunnock ( not seen for a while though) , robins, goldfinch are all appearing quiet regular and happy to see the sparrows and starlings return after they disappeared for a while.  I also have my friendly squirrel too.  

BUT ... i'm not sorry to say , i need to get rid of the numerous greedy messy pigeons who wait daily to eat most of the food, which is costing me a fortune!!! And also depriving the other birds mentioned. I also blame them for passing on a virus that killed my 5 rabbits all in one week.  I have only plants in the back garden, no grass and no animals can access the garden as its surrounded by brick walls.  As the pigeons outnumber all the other birds by up to 25'ish , the small birds come in one's or two's, im presuming the pigeons are the main culprit as they wander on the ground more than any other birds.  So apart from that they are greedy, messy and time consuming chasing them away so my other birds can feed.  

I may be wrong about the virus ... who know?  But i need a solution to really getting rid of the pigeons.  I am considering getting in touch with my councellor as there are flocks of about 100 pigeons invading our small shopping  centre and also the two beautiful parks, near to me, that people are always feeding.  

Any positive advice welcommed


  • I take it you're ground feeding the small birds? I think there are guardian cages available which stop bigger birds, but might take the smaller birds a while to get used to. I would have thought the squirrel more likely to infect the rabbits as they are both mammals. Two other options, stop feeding to see if the pigeons disperse, or get some hanging feeders that the pigeons can't access