Hedgehogs stopped feeding

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    Re late litters, Neil, Wendy will almost certainly know more than me, but we have found autumn juveniles too small to survive, even in early November (Switzerland; ca 420m; where it can get down to -20 in winter).

    Getting a batch of five through to year 2 is a fondly remembered success story. Much weighing, food preparation, cleaning duties, and copious quantities of nail varnish were involved.

  • Well done for coping with saving babies overwinter Dave, lot of work & smelly mess involved too ... did just read on 'HH' about using small drop of tippex on spine for easy ID ... might have to resort to this if I have to weigh any youngsters here around end of November! Fortunately very mild in my area of E Kent so still time for them to feed up for successful hibernation!


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  • Thanks Wendy. They had a family reunion in the spring before dispersing, which was nice of them.

    We colour-coded our five, which also gave us the inspiration for the names: Prince, Aretha, Ringo, etc.

    Had to buy the nail polish in, as Mrs. CH only wears it twice a year.

    Good look with your guys. Tell them to behave, and steer clear of badgers and all that.

    Personally, I've come to like the smell...
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    Dave - CH said:
    Personally, I've come to like the smell.

    Why does that not surprise me?

    The youngsters here were born in neighbour across the road's hoghouse towards end of August & have been constant visitors to feeding stations here & over there ever since Mum led them away to new location around 11th September ... guess it got too hot & smelly where they were?  Trailcam footage increased to between 75-97 hits per night since then but it's good to watch how fast these later babies grow!  Still many reports of quite tiny babies appearing, many have gone to rehab already but general advice is to leave them in the wild for as long as possible & offer lots of nourishing food & check around end November for any underweight ones!


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    E-mojos! Thought they'd been discontinued.  

    All that seems like a plan, and like very good advice.

    The year that we "farmed hedgehogs" we'd already had mean frost and snow by the time we found them (and by the time the local council workers got wind of it and brought us two more). And "ours" were truly tiny, and didn't have a hope to be honest.

    It's very kind of you to keep an eye on them, and to give them a chance.

    May they repay you (olfactorily) many times over. Preferably without any green bits.


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  • Hi Neil, post was approved & replies coming in ...
    1. My first thing to check is that access to the garden is still open. Can hedgehogs still get there or has someone had a new fence installed without thinking about the hedgehogs?
    They do come and go and it is possible that they simply are finding food elsewhere, including naturally, before they get to this garden.
    2. Hi Linda, the hogs are still visiting as seen on trailcam but just not interested in the food anymore
    3. Lots of natural food or neighbours started feeding them
    4. They do come and go as they please , we have about 8 in back garden , only been seeing 3 on the camera , sometimes if it goes abit cold and wet they stay put , possibly females are busy with hoglets.I cut back on the amount of food but we feed all year as we live in the south , proper winters don,t happen down here anymore.Their Royal Hogness like us to always be at their beck and call.
    5. Yes I had this last year at about this time and was beside myself!
    They’ve done it this year too, eating intermittently.
    I dropped the wet food bowl last year in the end and stuck to dry food only.
    6. Many thanks for all comments so far
    7. Maybe someone else has started putting food down for them?


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  • Few more comments Neil ...
    I have been getting less hog visits over the past few weeks with some nights the food looking like it has not been touched. I live in North Yorkshire and we have had a mixture of cold, damp, windy and also still some mild weather. Not sure where the hogs have all gone!

    I usually have two or three but all seemed to stop coming all of a sudden which was a little worrying, nearly everyone seems to have had the same happen to theirs. bit bothered about one that I was watching that was a baby earlier in the year that wasn't big enough for hibernation yet.

    Mine stopped eating for a bit and I was getting fewer visitors, but this week there have been several visits starting from 8pm all the way through to 6.30am and all three bowls were empty this morning (except for crumbs)

    They can be finnicky

    Mine has stopped eating the wet food and suddenly only eating the dried that they haven't really bothered with before.


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  • Thanks for this Wendy, Much appreciated, and some useful responses. It looks like it's not just me, which i guess is reassuring. There was one hog yesterday evening that i watched, around 7pm. I had put some food out in a dish in the open, so not inside the usual feeding station, but it didn't even investigate it! I did put some food out at the back of the garden too but haven't checked the trail cams yet - it looks like some food has gone, but could be the mice!

    Thanks again for helping post this to the FB group. I will keep trialling things in the garden and will update if any change. I think the response 'they can be finnicky' sums it up
  • Few more comments Neil
    My ones have been eating very well and have only left crumbs, they won’t touch any wet food, have tried different ones occasionally but always left. Purina (pink bag) kitten biscuits goes down a treat and is the favourite, seem to be buying bags of them at a time. Not sure how many I have as only seen 4 at one time. Can anyone answer on average how much one hedgehog can eat in a night?

    If there's plenty of their natural food around they will eat that & it is best for them really,they will eat what you put out when they cant get enough foraging.

    It's a myth that HHs eat/love slugs. Only if they're desperate. Slugs carry lungworm which can be fatal in hogs x

    Mine have also stopped eating the food for the past week or so which is unusual

    This is me commenting ... Looking back I realise that my hogs went off early in October two out of three years, one was initially interested in the hoghouse but never hibernated in it ... this is the first year since 2018 that there are babies, hope the one currently using house stays all winter! I shall continue to put Iams kitten biscuits & water in feeding station for any visitors throughout Winter months but won't set trailcam after the visits tail off, whenever that may be ... I have a small security cam to set up instead which I can view on my mobile phone!  This should alert me to any visits during mild spells ... if we have any! Lol


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