Regular Raven Visitor :)

I really love ravens, so imagine my joy to find a raven regularly visiting my garden in the last week, every day so far! I thought it was really odd to see two or three ravens circling in the air over the houses in my road a few weeks back. It happened on two consecutive weeks, and it was unusual because we don’t see or hear ravens around here. 
Then I saw one on its own picking at the ground next to a busy road by my house on the morning of 16th April when I went to get my first vaccine jab. 
And now our regular garden visitor... 

But I’m worried about the recent sightings of these birds in places I’ve never seen them and now seeing one here. I‘m hoping this has nothing to do with the amount of nature and trees that have been ripped up and destroyed near me for this horrible HS2 project. :-/

Any tips to keep this lovely raven fed and happy? It seems to like eating the dried mealworms and calciworms I scatter up the garden for the bigger birds just to keep them away from the live food I put out for the little bird visitors who are currently feeding young.

  • They are far more likely to be crows, esp if you live hear HS2. Any reason why you think they are ravens?
  • I identified it from the tapered/hook beak and its diamond-shaped tail in flight as well as the fact it soars more than it flaps. Crows are smaller with a chunkier shorter beak and a more wedged tail and they flap more in flight. The ravens I saw soaring above my house a few weeks ago were up really high in the sky as well. Was lovely to watch. Plus, they were “Kronking” and not “Cawing”.
  • Sorry, I meant more especially in your garden.
  • It would be a good garden tick for someone Robbo, I've noticed a few Raven claims recently even among our local club members. Until recently I was recorder for the club and people can get quite upset when you gently let them down.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • Yes. A photo of a raven eating bird food in a garden would certainly make me envious, even though I am lucky enough to see them almost daily. Always quite high, or very high, in the sky, or sometimes at the top of a giant evergreen on the edge of the village.
  • Hi jellysheep, any possibility of a photo? I'd be extremely interested to see a Raven feeding in a garden.
  • There has only been one 'raven in garden' thread from memory, in all the time I've been on the various versions of this community, where photos were produced. The photos were clearly carrion crows. All other threads never went anywhere as photos were never forthcoming. Hopefully, one day someone will prove my doubts wrong (though I'm not comfortable with species particularly known for being wild and distant coming to bird feeder stations!). ...edit....two I can think of now. There was one about a year ago, and that poster wasn't sure, so wasn't particularly marketing them as ravens. Photos were provided and they too were crows which she agreed with.